- A Bitcoin Cash Powered Question and Answer / Tasking Platform - A Bitcoin Cash Powered Question and Answer / Tasking Platform

On you can ask questions, answer questions and resolve conflicts between other users.
As answering questions involves receiving rewards paid in Bitcoin Cash the boundaries between questions and tasks might often blur. This is why the terms "question" and "task" or "answer" and "solution" are used interchangeably throughout this site.,

Asking a question: Click "Create Task" to ask a question. An appropriate bounty will help encourage others to take their time and answer it for you.

Solving a task: As mentioned above this can also be interpreted as answering a question. To solve a task you must first apply for it. If the creator of that task then chooses to accept your application you'll be able to start solving that task. Make sure that you are quick enough in starting to solve the task as the applications of other users might have been accepted too by the task's creator. There can only ever be exactly one user solving a task so starting to work on a task will make sure that it is "yours" and that no one else starts the task too. But keep in mind that the solving time will start to run out as soon as you start the task.

Resolving disputes: Once a solution for a task has been submitted the creator of that task has the choice to either accept the solution or reject it. In case of an accepted solution both the creator and solver of the task will receive some reputation for the tags used by the task and the reward will be paid out immediately.
If on the other hand the creator rejects the solution the conflict resolution mechanism will be started as specified for the task. To decide whether the solution is worth the reward some combination of random and/or preselected users (as configured for this task) will vote on whether or not they deem the solution worthy the reward. To be invited in such cases click on "Resolve Disputes" and activate your random and/or preselected notary status. Preselectable notaries can also set their fee here whereas random notaries will always receive a fee of 1%. Users are more likely to be selected as a random notary when they have reputation for some of the tags the task uses.