Is a 7-string guitar so different? my own experience

Is a 7-string guitar so different? my own experience

Is a 7-string guitar so different? my own experience
7-string guitars for more bass without losing high notes ...
The standard setting of the 7-string guitar is one of the most important notes in the B series (EADGBe). Of course, the tone depends on the taste and intensity of the guitar, so you can tune a 6-string guitar to 2.5 tones below the size of the guitar, but it will come out of a search for some high notes. 7 strings are also good for versatility, only one with a guitar normally tuned and another B. tuned for the videos, despite the appearance, are two 6-string bass =) from what I saw on the first, it was made to be used with tuning the eighth below the guitar standard (EADGBe) and not starting with B, search for the name of the two instruments on google that has a lot.

The 7-string guitar, really:

It has 5 bass notes (when the 7th string is tuned to B)
Generally used for metal.
But not only metal, but many people also start using 7 guitar strings, because it is more comfortable (my reason).
However, The 7th String creates a comfortable region for playing chords with a much larger Tessitic.

And that gives us the freedom to play any style of music. Not just metal.

Is it difficult to touch?

This guitar has strings at a closer distance, so you will have to take some getting used to it. In the beginning, you will tap your fingers on the other strings while playing. And it will be more complicated to use a reed or perform techniques like tapping or even strumming. So, at first, it will be as if you are learning to play again.